Welcome to the Fellowship of the Surf Monkey. 

(kind of like the Fellowship of the Ring, but cooler)

There is only ONE WAY to join the Fellowhip—  by being the owner/adopted parent of a actual, 12-inch, plaster-of-paris, Tijuana-made Surf Monkey, (or donning a cool new Surf Monkey T-shirt).

That’s right, you know who you are. 

 If you already own a Surf Monkey, tell us your story and WELCOME TO THE FELLOWSHIP, COMPADRE !!!  Email  us the story of how you and “Chango” (as he’s affectionately called) met.   Or send us a photo of the two of you.  We’ll post it on the site.

If you don’t already own a Surf Monkey and therefore can’t be a part of this Elite Fellowship,               

D O N ‘T    W O R R Y,  

because now you can own/adopt a monkey of your own without having to cross the border into Mexico, wait in an hour-plus border crossing line, and barter your socks off.

 Now if you want to do the border crossing thing, go for it!  We love Baja Mexico, border wait and all.  But if you don’t have time, desire, or say live in Michigan, then…


Click here for Surf Monkeys,

And here for Surf Monkey T-shirts. 

Chango tweets, by the way.  Follow along, he won’t disappoint:  RealSurfMonkey

And he’s got a Facebook page:  Surf Monkey


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