the Del Mars release their new CD “Surf Monkey”

Uh huh, this rockin’ new CD from the Del Mars is called “Surf Monkey”.  That’s right, and it’s title track is all about, you guessed it, our favorite surf icon.   With lyrics like, “When waves have shape, he goes ape,” we here at Surf Monkey Fellowship knew we found a banana-trove of our kind of music. 

The Del Mars, headed by Johnny Del Mar, are a Bay Area surf band with that classic, groovin’ surf sound in the vein of Dick Dale and the Ventures. 

The legend of the Surf Monkey, as inscribed on the inside cover, begins with “Surf Monkey thinks really deep thoughts,” and goes on to inform us that, “In one interview he claims to be a Senegalese prince but in the unpublished biography Mr. Monkey by Hodad Gremmie his mother was slain by poachers in the Congo.  Sold to the San Diego Zoo he endured adolescence in captivity.”  As it turns out, some Australian pro surfers liberated him and took him to Windansea where he “Discovered his formidable surfboard riding skills.”  The editorial staff here at Surf Monkey Fellowship humbly admit to have learned a few things.  Thanks Johnny!

You can listen to some tracks from this CD as well as other stuff from the Del Mars at www.johnnydelmar.com, and probably order a CD too.  You won’t be sorry.


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